Funding Prostate Cancer Research Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the TELUS Ride For Dad events, the Prostate Cancer Fight...

Funding Prostate Cancer Research
Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the TELUS Ride For Dad events, the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation has donated more than 13 million dollars to the fight against prostate cancer!The goal of the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation is to award research grants for new and innovative breakthrough science; research that can make a difference in prostate cancer.
Your support is helping to make a difference in prostate cancer reasearch!

Ottawa Hospital Foundation: da Vinci Robotics Research
The Ride For Dad and the Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation are supporting critical research in connection with the Ottawa Hospital’s da Vinci robotics program that will forge new ground in robotics research not being explored elsewhere at this time. Click here to read more about this exciting project!

“The Ride For Dad has been extremely generous in their support of the fight against prostate cancer” Jennifer Van Noort, Vice-President, Major Gifts at the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

BC Cancer Foundation: Immune System Response to Prostate Cancer
Thanks to our generous supporters, over the last 3-5 years, scientists at the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Island Centre have made two major findings by studying how the immune system responds to prostate cancer. In the first study, approximately 30% of patients who received standard hormone and radiation therapy had a positive immune response against their prostate cancer. In a second study, utilizing a mouse model for prostate cancer, researchers discovered that this type of immune response to radiation and hormone therapy unexpectedly caused a detrimental outcome – that is, mice succumbed sooner to their prostate cancer.

Based on this research, the lab is launching a new study to determine whether immunotherapies can be administered to reverse these poor immune responses and ultimately improve overall survival rates of prostate cancer. Their researchers are now embarking on a pre-clinical study to use a clinically approved drug that stimulates the immune system, anti-CTLA4, combined with standard hormone and radiation therapies. The success of our work will then allow us to launch the first human clinical trial with anti-CTLA4 at the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Island Centre within the next 2-3 years.
“We are indebted to the Ride For Dad for the excellent and ongoing support in helping to raise awareness and funds to support our research, as we endeavor to discover new therapies which will ultimately improve the lives of patients affected by prostate cancer.” Julian J. Lum, Ph.D, CIHR New Investigator, Scientist, Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency

Sudbury Regional Hospital: Genetic Variations and Adverse Side Effects
The study will determine whether small genetic variations have something to do with the development of adverse side effects in some prostate cancer patients who choose radiation therapy.
Some men who undergo radiation therapy develop toxicity, and other side effects which really lessen their quality of life while they’re being treated, there could be a genetic cause for this. This study will to try to find it, and determine which prostate cancer patients are best suited to radiation therapy. The goal is to make treatment for prostate cancer more effective and less stressful on the patient.
“This new study is a great example of the kind of research hospital we aspire to be, research leads to better health care, and the more research we can do, as close to our patients as possible, the better the results.” Denis Roy, CEO, Sudbury Regional Hospital

We have also granted research funding to the following organizations:

Vancouver Prostate Center
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
BC Cancer Foundation
Prostate Cancer Institute
Alberta Cancer Foundation
Alberta Cancer Foundation
Cancer Care Manitoba
Princess Margaret Hospital
Grand River Hospital Foundation
London Health Sciences Foundation
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation
Ottawa Regional Cancer Center
University Health Network
University Health Network
University Health Network
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Atlantic Cancer Research Institute
Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation